Poker Glossary of Terms

In the world of poker, there is a wide variety of terms that the bettor must know in order to function in the game like a professional. The glossary is really wide, where English words take center stage. The most elementary of all, of course, is theĀ pot, which represents the best value that the players will play.

If you are interested in being an advanced bettor, you will need to take a look at this glossary that we have put together.

All-in (Play it all / Subtract)

It occurs when the bettor bets all the chips that remain to a hand. After this, the player will not be able to purchase additional tokens. In case the game continues, a pot is established, in which the All-in bettor is not included.


The Ante is a value in chips that players place on the table. In certain tournaments, the value of the Ante increases little by little.

Bad beat

It happens when a player, despite having an excellent hand, ends up losing against a weaker hand, given the luck that the River offers. The River represents the Community Cards, that is, those that are in the center of the table and that the players use to make their plays.

The River is also known as Fifth Street.

Bankroll (Background)

Represents the amount of money the player has to bet on poker.

Bet (Open)

Represents the first bet made in a betting turn.

Big bet

It is the highest bet that is made in the last rounds.

Big blind

It is the compulsory bet that must be made by the player located to the left, to two places of the dealer.


It is the possibility to have a stair, but in reality, only one card is useful.

Heads up

It occurs when a pot, game, or tournament is only competed by two players.

Late position

They are the last positions that players occupy in circular games.

Loose player

He is the player who insistently goes to hands, defying all odds.


Has two meanings. The first represents the pile of cards that players have thrown. On the other hand, the verb To muck represents the moment when the player throws the cards without showing them, being aware that his opponent has a better move.

No-limit poker

It is known as gambling without restrictions, using the available money that players have.


Hand cards that do not correspond to the same suit.


Have a card that has a higher value than community cards in Hold’em.

Pocket cards / Hole cards

They are the so-called hole cards, which are dealt with by the dealer to the players.

Pot-limit poker

It occurs when the maximum bet that a player can make when his turn comes is equal to the total pot.


It occurs when three cards with the same suit appear on the flop.


It is the commission that the casino takes for each jackpot wagered. On the internet, online casinos usually charge 4.5%.

Ring game

A game involving 9 to 10 players.


It is known as the trio formed with one of the community cards and two hole cards.


Game in which 3 to 5 players participate.


It is the time when the players of a game reveal the cards to identify the winner.

Small blind

It is the small blind or bet made by the player to the left of the dealer.


Set of chips that a player has at the table.


When the player gives himself away involuntarily, without perceiving the move he has or what his next move may be.

Three of a Kind

When three cards have the same value.


It occurs when a player jumps nervously and emotionally gets carried away by a losing streak. In this situation, it usually happens that the player is completely destabilized, losing more frequently.


It is equivalent to the trio that is formed with a hole card and two of the community cards.