How To Play Dice? Know The Main Rules

Dice, also called “craps,” is a game system that at first may seem a bit complex. However, it is a matter of practice to get the hang of the bets, so here we leave you all the details so you can learn how to play dice.

These, being objects of cubic, simple form and of various materials (plastic, glass, among others), can be used to carry out a game of chance that consists of a series of challenges posed by the bettor, who depending on the result thrown will become in winner or loser.

Although it has difficult beginnings to determine, this betting system stems from an English game called « hazard,» which was practiced at the time of the CrusadesIt was learned that in the beginning, it was known as ” crapaud” (of French origin, the meaning of which is ” toad”) because when playing it, those who did it crouched in the way that this animal does.

Materials needed to play

  • Two dice
  • Dice table
  • Dealer or table manager
  • Bettor, player or shooter

What’s the game about?

Before throwing the dice, it is necessary for the player to make his challenge or bet ผลบอลล่าสุด; for this, he places the chips on the table, which must have written the accumulation of bets that can be made. Depending on the position where you place them, the result will be positive or negative. Once this is done, the player can proceed to roll the dice.

Before you understand exactly when the results of the movements will make you a winner or a loser, it is important that you know the representation of the various zones and, consequently, the bets you can place, which are:

When the bettor rolls the dice

Three possible outcomes can occur:

  • When you get a 7 or 11, you win the bet.
  • When you get a 2, 3 or 12, you get a bad result, so you don’t win the bet.
  • At the moment of obtaining 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the player achieves a point, which will be placed on the table with a yew to indicate its reach.

When the point is made, the bettor rolls the dice again and achieves the point or also gets a 7

    • Simply put, if you roll the dice and get the point, you win.
  • But, if he rolls a seven prior to getting the point, he loses.